What are the benefits of Vibroneck Massager?

So there is instant migraine and tension relief from your headache, increased blood flow to your neck and the head, relief muscle tension and neck pain.


What does Vibroneck Massager (TENS) feel like?

So Vibroneck is not your typical vibrating or rolling neck massager. This uses a lot of different types of modes that are equivalent to tingling, tapping, kneading and light vibrations. We describe the sensation kind of being mystical.


How does neck massager (TENS) work on my neck?

So anytime your body is in pain, your brain sends electrical pulses to signify that there is pain. When you use Vibroneck it interrupts these pulses providing natural relief.


What's Inside Vibroneck Massager?

You have a little manual, of course massager itself, remote where you can change all the different modes and a USB charger.


Who is it for?

So Vibroneck is really great for anybody who's in front of their computer or cellphone all day sitting down and working at desk, anybody who wants to help with their posture, correct their posture and especially anybody who wants to relieve just daily stress from a stressful job or home life.

How often can I use Vibroneck Massager?

So we recommend that you use your vibroneck massager for just 10 to 15 minutes a day and the device will actually shut off after being used for 15 minutes.